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Certified Supply Chain Professional Preparation Course (CSCP)     

Program Overview

The Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program is the first and only supply chain certification that encompasses the end-to-end global supply chain. CSCP designees gain the skills to effectively manage global supply chain activities that involve suppliers, plants, distributors, and customers located around the world. Earning the CSCP credential makes you a recognized expert in the supply chain field. This professional distinction sets you apart from your colleagues, proving your high level of knowledge and skills. It makes you a more valuable asset to your organization, keeping you and your organization more competitive in today’s economy. 

The benefits of attending this course:

Earning your credential will help you:

  • Master the knowledge most important to expert supply chain professionals as defined by the Global Job Task Analysis.
  • Expand your outlook on the supply chain field and bring new ideas to your workplace.
  • Remain current with supply chain trends and developments.
  • Stand out from other candidates in a job search.
  • Boost your confidence with recognition as a supply chain expert.
  • Demonstrate your long-term commitment to the supply chain profession. 
Course Outline
Who Should Attend ?
Course Prerequisites
Learning Methodology
Course Duration
Course Outline

Program Agenda

The following proposed agenda is subject to changes by the client for the ultimate benefit of improving the training ROI of delegates and the client organization. The schedule duration can also be lengthened if the client wishes to enable delegates to achieve an even deeper understanding.

Course Modules:

  • Module 1: Supply Chains, Demand Management, and Forecasting

  • Module 2: Global Supply Chain Networks

  • Module 3: Sourcing Products and Services

  • Module 4: Internal Operations and Inventory

  • Module 5: Forward and Reverse Logistics

  • Module 6: Supply Chain Relationships

  • Module 7: Supply Chain Risk

  • Module 8: Optimization, Sustainability, and Technology

Who Should Attend ?

Who Should Attend?

The course is suitable for:

CSCP is beneficial for professionals working in:

  • Transport & Fleet Management
  • Warehousing, Material Handling & Inventory Management
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Procurement
  • Materials management
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Demand & Supply Planning
Course Prerequisites

Course Prerequisites

A t least 1 year experience in Supply Chain Management / Operations.

Learning Methodology

Learning Methodology

The learning methodology is highly interactive, consisting of a balanced mix of short presentations,  the Course Director’s extensive experience in this specialized field, handouts containing key articles and topic support, dialogue about leading practice, delegates’ own ideas, experiences and Q&A, sharing of knowledge, discussions, feedback, scenarios, case studies, practical examples, individual and group exercises designed to assist the participants to gain a working knowledge of the topics taught and to embed the skills.

Course Duration

Course Duration: 

6 hours per session, one session per week for 7 weeks to a total of 42 hours.