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Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA)

Program Overview

This program is designed to provide you the opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the body of knowledge relating to the basics of the supply chain.  Foundational topics, theories, decision aids, strategies, etc. will be presented in a clear and concise manner.  Specifically, some of the topics presented are Sourcing, the role of inventory in the supply chain, MRP, and Transportation. Beyond these specific supply chain topics, related issues such as Team dynamics, Sustainability, Lean and continuous improvement tools, will be presented. A CSCA designation demonstrates your expertise.

Course Outline
Who Should Attend ?
Course Prerequisites
Learning Methodology
Course Duration
Course Outline

Course Modules: 

  • Module 1: Foundational Topics

1. Overview

2. Strategy

3. Framework for discussion

  • Module 2: Planning Strategy

1. Fundamental Issues

2. Aggregate planning

3. Role of Inventory

4. Material Requirement Planning

  • Module 3: Tactical Conciderations
1. Sourcing
2. Purchasing
3. Manufacturing
4. Transportation
5. Warehousing & Distribution

  • Module 4: Related Topics

1. Sales order fulfillment
2. Lean & continuous Improvement tools
3. Sustainability
4. Team dynamics

Who Should Attend ?

Who Should Attend?

The course is suitable for:

  • Entry level supply chain professionals.

  • Organizations in need of a baseline  common language for their supply chain team.

  • Individuals involved in supply chain improvement projects or systems implementation (eg.  ERP, Lean, etc).
  • Proactive individuals looking to stand out in the eyes of recruiters or current employers.

Course Prerequisites

Course Prerequisites


Learning Methodology

Learning Methodology

The learning methodology is highly interactive, consisting of a balanced mix of short presentations,  the Course Director’s extensive experience in this specialized field, handouts containing key articles and topic support, dialogue about leading practice, delegates’ own ideas, experiences and Q&A, sharing of knowledge, discussions, feedback, scenarios, case studies, practical examples, individual and group exercises designed to assist the participants to gain a working knowledge of the topics taught and to embed the skills.

Course Duration

Course Duration: 

6 hours per session, one session per week for 3 weeks to a total of 18 hours.