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Data Analysis Diploma

Program Overview

The journey starts with building a foundation in data architecture, statistics, and data analysis programming using Power BI and Looker Studio. This helps transition away from disparate and legacy data sources.

Next, you'll learn data wrangling, operationalizing, and scaling with a focus on compliance and governance.

The final step involves visualizing data to make informed business decisions, including analyzing historical performance, tracking and predicting sales, addressing issues proactively, and optimizing processes for various teams in organizations.

Who Should Attend?

  • Professionals in related fields; market research, finance, marketing, or any other field that involves data analysis or decision-making based on data.
  • College students.

What Will You Learn?

  • The Fundamentals Of Business Intelligence (BI) and OLAP Operations. 
  • The Required Skills of Analytical and Critical Thinking With Multiple Use Cases. 
  • Mathematical and Statistical Background That Is Needed in Data Analysis.
  • The Art Of Visualization and Storytelling.
  • Data Modeling and Dimensional Analysis For Optimum Performance.
  • Implementing Data Pipelines For Automated Data Reporting.
  • Data Assets Management in Power BI, Data analysis With Excel.
  • Data Analysis With Power BI and Microsoft Fabric, Data Visualization With Google Data Studio.
  • The Application Of Artificial Intelligence in Data Analytics.

Program Outlines

  • Theoretical background and analytical thinking skills.
  • Data Analysis with Excel Learning.
  • Data Analysis with Power BI Learning.
  • Data Visualization With Tableau.
  • Data Visualization With Looker Studio.

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Classroom Training

1 session per week From 10:00 AM Till 4:00 PM 

or From 4:00 PM Till 10:00 PM  

Friday or Saturday according to the course schedule.

Online Live Training 

1 session per week From 10:00 AM Till 4:00 PM 

or From 4:00 PM Till 10:00 PM 

Friday or Saturday according to the course schedule.  

Course Duration

6 hours per session, one session per week for 8 weeks to a total of 48 hours.